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The Strategy

Business today is global. Supply chains extend around the globe. It is important that all parts of the supply chain, and related business processes, are focused on activities that add value to the customer. Over time, all organizations build processes that do not use time and resources as effectively as they should. The Japanese call this muda, or waste. It can come in the form of rework, downtime, excess inventory, sub-standard product/services or other similar inefficiencies. Eliminate the waste and watch customer satisfaction and profits grow.

The Avanti Method

The Avanti Method gets results and makes improvements throughout the entire supply chain from raw materials to post-sale customer service. It has been developed through more than 30 years of experience working for multibillion-dollar corporations. It relies on Quality, Six Sigma®, Lean and Organization Development principles. It engages the work force to find the best solutions. An engaged work force owns the issues and their solutions; therefore, it has a vested interest in seeing any project completed successfully.

The Avanti Method focuses on critical supply chain issues and business process management to ensure success. The results of this method include:

Improvement in:

Reduction of:

  • Customer satisfaction and profitability
  • Operating costs
  • The speed of delivery of your products or services to your customers
  • Defects, warranty costs, service disruptions
  • The quality of your products or services
  • Obsolescence costs
  • The morale of a very valuable asset, your work force
  • Muda (waste) within your organization

Avanti’s Commitment

Avanti is passionate about enabling its clients to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. As such, Avanti is passionate about its clients’ satisfaction. Avanti will be with you every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome.

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