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Investment in Brazil

Fashion Footwear Industry
in Brazil and Italy

The Ethics of Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid

1997 Asian Financial Crisis


The Profit Archaeologist SM

Global Commerce



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The Profit Archaeologist SM

Qualities of a professional archaeologist* and The Profit Archaeologist SM

Professional Archaeologist

The Profit Archaeologist SM

  • Is methodical and detail-oriented to ensure that buried artifacts are uncovered without damage
  • Digs into the details, leaves no stone unturned, and does it in such a way as to not disrupt day-to-day operations
  • Records information correctly and accurately
  • Measures what is important
  • Develops a baseline so progress can be measured
  • Has the ability to analyze and interpret information properly
  • Efficiently analyzes data to understand the proper action to take
  • Continues monitoring to let you know if things are getting off track
  • Is enquiring and open-minded, imaginative, motivated, practical and adaptable
  • Continuously seeks the out-of-the-box solution; the one that will make a significant difference
  • Possesses excellent planning and organizational skills
  • Plans and organizes custom solutions for your specific situation
  • Demonstrates good people skills and the ability to negotiate
  • Works effectively with all levels of the organization, engaging each to make significant and lasting improvements

* Archaeologist - Personal Requirements, Career Services

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