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Global Experience

Ed Vallorani, owner and CEO of Avanti Improvement Solutions, LLC, has traveled to four continents to work with overseas offices and suppliers on production processes and products. A facility evaluation starts where the raw materials arrive and continues through all processes until the product is loaded onto containers. Products are audited for conformance to specifications. The result of an evaluation is an action plan for improvement or a recommendation to move production to another facility.

During these trips, Ed has:

  • Evaluated factoriesí capabilities to produce to stated specifications
  • Audited production
  • Ensured factories followed stated specifications
  • Initiated improvements to manufacturing processes
  • Initiated improvements to product design

Ed has also studied the intricacies of today's global marketplace. He has earned is Master of International Business and has the knowledge and experience to guide your organization in this exciting and profitable arena.

Ed is available to work with your organization to:

  • Navigate the intricacies of the global marketplace
  • Develop an strategy for the global marketplace
  • Understand the cultural impacts on business strategy
  • Evaluate capabilities of overseas factories
  • Establish vendor monitoring programs
  • Set up procedures to ensure you receive products that meet your customers' specifications
  • Set up procedures to ensure facilities comply with basic human rights


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